Sunroof problem with Honda


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Sunroof problem with Honda

I have an 02 Honda Accord with a sunroof. When the weather (and the car) are hot, the sunroof refuses to open or close. There is no clicking nor attempt to move. Where should I begin my search for the issue?
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I assume this is electrically operated?

If yes, start by using a multimeter and see if it is getting power to the motor.

Then sometimes there is a self-resetting circuit breaker and there might be one on your roof wiring. Circuit breakers trip from heat! Although the idea is they should trip from heat from the wiring overloading, but the circuit breaker would not know the difference. Heat is heat and that could trip a circuit breaker. Then with the self-resetting type, it would turn power back on which it cools down.

And electric motors sometimes have a thermal cutout which will turn them off it the motor begins to overheat. And again the thermal cutout would not know the difference between heat from the motor being overworked as opposed to heat from the sun.

FYI - A similar problem occurs in a newer home with can lights in the ceiling. These have a "heat sensor". If you stick too high a wattage of a light bulb (more heat) in there, the light will turn on/off about every minute. It gets too hot and the heat sensor turns off the power to the light...

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