Rubber donut exhaust hangers


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Rubber donut exhaust hangers

Would duct taping around a dount rubber exhaust gasket make it less likely to break and give it extra strength? On my 95 Crown Vic, I replaced 2 bad ones a couple months ago. 2 days ago all three of them broke. Never noticed the third one the first time since it was on the innner side of one of the many catalytic converters.
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The problem isn't in the donuts, and no, duct tape won't stand the heat. The problem lies with the alignment of the piping itself. It is possibly dipped too downward toward the tailpipe and is putting extra pressure on the rubber. With all of them broken, you may be able to see what I mean. Has the exhaust been worked on recently?
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silly as it sounds..

coat-hanger wrapped in duck tape for dampening? double folded figure of eight coat-hanger makes quite a hook.
or covered with narrow rubber hose.... easy to shape, costs nothing..

like i said - silly as it sounds....
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If you're gonna replace the isolators use a very weak solution of water and dishsoap. Same thing to get the old ones off. Unless the exhaust hangers are very rusty. Then use a strong solution of elbow grease.
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When used properly, universal exhaust hangers offer superior holding power and will last for years. Click below.
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To take the broken ones off the hooks I used the serrated blade of my Leatherman. It was a little tight in spots, but worked pretty well overall.

It is still the factory exhaust. I am guessing that due to the fact the exhaust gasket bolts were still welded on. The car was in Florida until 2001 and has minimal rust.

Funny thing is that the universal one3s said for '92-94, but they fit my '95, not sure if it was due to the case of my car being made by Ford of Canada.
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I think that all the Crown Vics and the Mercury counterparts came out of the St. Thomas Ontario plant including even all the police Interceptor versions so I don't think where it was built is involved. Small simple engineering changes and part supplier moves are all that could be involved between model years I think. That car was the 'last of the past', and well deserved the legacy that it still has today.

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