Tire buzz noise...


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Question Tire buzz noise...

03 Nissan Sentra ser 2.5L 4 cyl., My car is making an awful tire buzz noise. It gets louder and faster as I drive faster. It seems to quiet down when I turn left rather sharply with some speed. As far as I can see, the tire tread wear seems the same so far. Would a four wheel alignment fix this problem?
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When was the last time it was aligned? Certainly the alignment couldn't hurt, and could actually prolong your tire and component wear capability. Have you hit any pot holes lately, or gone over any rough railroad tracks too fast?
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Tire buzz

You might want to think in terms of front wheel brngs especially the left one they can act this way.
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Just to double check... You might want to jack up each tire and see if it has any "wobble" or "play" in it. And turn each tire to see if it turns smoothly and does not make any noise. This would check the bearings.

Other than that, around here people have "mud tires" on their oversized jacked up trucks. These have large gaps in the treads and look like this...

They make a "humming" noise as they go down the road. Not that sound is it?

Then studded snow tires make a ticking noise, not anything like that is it?

Also might want to look underneath the vehicle and at the driveshaft(s). Plastic bags and other things have been known to get wrapped around these and make noise.
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thanks. Had a shop look at it, they said wheel bearings in rear. One was quite bad apparently so I replaced that one (right rear) and the noise is still there. The same applies as when I turn left sharply the noise seems to really quiet down. Should I replace the left bearing also?
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I always replace them in pairs.
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Examine your tires closley, a slight rear axle misalignment has introduced a tire noise similar to driving on old snow tires in my Chev Uplander. I agree with Chandler's alignment diagnosis.

Your wheel bearing diagnosis didn't work so well... hope you get your money back. Did you keep the old bearing assy. ??

Have you rotated your tires on a regular basis ??

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