2009 Chevy Equinox AC issue


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2009 Chevy Equinox AC issue

On my Equinox the AC started acting up and wouldn't blow cold air. The dealer replaced the compressor but we are still having issues. When idle or driving the it is like the fan will start blowing harder for a couple seconds and then return to "normal". This is regardless of the speed setting for the fan is set to on the dash. It also seems to jsut blow cool air nto really cold air like it should. I plan to take it back to dealer to see if they can find anything else out to fix it. We just got this not even 2 weeks ago as a GM certified vehicle and already having issues - not impressed thus far.

Just wondering if there have been a lot of issues with 09 Equinox AC that other people have experienced??

Also the vehicle is not equipped with onstar but the sticker still said it had hands free. I was assuming this meant bluetooth but we could not get it to work. I brought that up to the dealer and they keep telling me you have to have onstar for the bluetooth to work. From what I know and read on GM sites this is incorrect - GM specifically states they are seperate. Just wondering if anyone else ran into this or heard of. Wondering if the dealer just doesn't want to fix the bluetooth??
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So far as the A/C and bluetooth, read every word of the owner's manual on these. Sometimes they come out with new vehicles which have buttons you think would turn something on, but actually everything is automatic and the button is intended to turn it off!

So far as the fan blowing on high for a bit, everything is computer controlled these days. They can program it it remove all the hot air with cooler outside air, then switch to recirculate. And that would be a good idea. So might be doing this automatically and might do different things depending on what the outside/inside temperatures are. Might not do this in the fall for example!

To learn how it should work, if it does not say in the owner's manual, a factory service manual set of books would explain every detail of operation. Order from dealer.

Then there are two parts to A/C...

One is the compressor runs and with the hood up, you should be able to see and hear it running. The compressor pressurizes the refrigerant and this makes it very hot. This then goes to the coils in front of the radiator and fan(s) blow outside air over them cooling them down.

So that is an indication that portion of the A/C system is working - is that the coils in front of the radiator are hot. Compare with another vehicle.

Then inside the vehicle, the refrigerant is depressurized and it gets very cold. Then air blows over it...

The other portion of this is a damper or diverter inside the vehicle. Also called a blend door. If you have the selector turned to warm, this makes the air flow over the heater portion of the system and little or no air flows over the cold coils. If selected to cold, all the air flows over the cold coils.

So the compressor portion could be working fine, but that blend door may not be sending all the air over the cold coils! A common problem with many vehicles of all years and makes.

But if it is under a warranty, have them find the problem and fix it.

As to the bluetooth, read the owners manual and see if it says you can do what you want to do. If it does not, then you probably can't.

If it says you can use bluetooth without onstar activated and says how to do it, then it will not work like it says in the instructions, then point this out to the dealer and ask that it be fixed.

The best way to learn how this works is a factory wiring diagram. I've not looked at this on new vehicles, but on older vehicles the cell phone (onstar) portion of the vehicle was only turned on if you had onstar.

Also salesmen tend to not understand these technical things. The parts and repair guys do understand how these things work (sometimes). Best to ask in the back!
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The A/C symptoms you describe sound like a low charge situation,as a mechanic I can tell you its a real easy mistake to make after a compressor R&R also if it failed they should have done a flush on the system and replaced the dryer(to remove any possibility of contamination)IF this wasn't done you could have a situation where it took out another compressor .There is also the possibility of a blend door problem like Bill had mentioned.
The hands free is a totally different animal I take it you have tried to have your cell phone search for the device in the car and it can't find it?Hate to state the obvious but make sure the vehicle is in the run position does not matter if the engine is running or not but to be safe let it run and the radio is on go into your cells bluetooth and have it search for devices see if it finds any if not then you don't have it available if it does there may be a 4 dig password/connection code to connect the two together this would be in the owners man or you will have to get it from GM/Dealer (get it from the parts desk)
Good Luck

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