Replacing belts Camry 2005 power steering bolt can't find one?


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Question Replacing belts Camry 2005 power steering bolt can't find one?

Working on my Camry 2005 - and replacing the two belts on it. Reading the manual and trying to figure it out. The a/c alt belt came off with no problem.

Now stuck - it states to loosen bolts on the power steering pump - and to loosen the Pivot bolt????
I can see the bracket bolts easy, but I can't see the "pivot bolt" that I need to loosen. Where is it located?

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

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Should be at the bottom, below and behind the pulley.
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should be one next to vacuum hose. covered by pulley.

ok, let's try this:

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Wanted to update this thread I started. Okay. We were able to replace the one belt very easy. The power steering pump belt was exactly as the photo above. It was not impossible, but it was difficult to get to the pivot bolt. We went up the street and had our mechanic go ahead and change the one belt. It was possible for us to do this - so if you have the time, convenience, and cooler weather - we may have went for it -

Shop would not use the belt we had because he could not guarantee the work. So we ended up paying just over $100 for labor and a belt. In this heat right now it was worth it. We also have a problem with our truck -so we needed to get something going -


Thank you so much for that picture and the info - this forum is the best.

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Glad it's fixed, but unless the belt you had was some off-brand....I'd find a new mech.

While I understand the liability's not like you had tried to fix it and he had to correct mistakes.

If I went to a tire shop with 2 brand new tires needing to have them put on my rims...and they said they wouldn't warranty the install...I'd walk away.

Not like you walked in with a box full of gaskets and such and said "rebuild my engine".

Yer in a bigger city than me, but thats a $50 job far as I know. What was it, 20 min?

Yeah Yeah...I know Pros...don't rag on me...but charging full book cost for a job to (apparently) a regular customer just isn't right.
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Thanks for that info too. If someone knows a great mechanic in Austin, Texas or Round Rock, Texas let me know - would switch if they are good. That is the only thing we do know about this mechanic - he is always consistent and does a good job. We don't know the prices he should be charging and stuff -

where I used to live growing up - I knew where all the good mechanics were in the old buildings down an alley - and they did great work - they made a profit and I saved money - they were not paying for "real estate" -

would love to find one of those here -
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For things like the belt problem, you are best to ask your neighbors/friends who is a good mechanic.

But newer vehicles can have 80 computers in them and 3 computer networks. These are more sophisticated than the first rockets to go into outer space!

With that said, these computers can have "bugs" in the software and need updated software installed. And might need special test equipment to troubleshoot problems.

So even though they charge an arm and a leg, you're best to take it to a factory dealer every now then and have the latest updates done.

The updates are called TSB's or Technical Service Bulletins.

You can search at the following link and find the TSB's for your vehicle. To start; Select "Vehicle", then click below that on "Search Selected Type"...
ODI - Office of Defects Investigation

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