2000 Toyota Camry


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2000 Toyota Camry

My Car is a 2000 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder It over heats into the reservoir only, when I do a lot of stop and go other wise it is fine the water pump has just been replaced the thermostat has just been replaced the cap has just been replaced I am not loosing any antifreeze. the only thing i have noticed is the fan speed it just does not seem to be running as fast as it use to when the car gets hot it use to be loud until it cooled now it is just normal speed any suggestions .
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An “Air Pocket” has formed somewhere in the cooling system (“burp the system) to remove the air pocket. Another possibility is there’s a blockage. The most likely area for a blockage is in the radiator. If you have access to an "Infrared Thermometer" you can scan the radiator with the thermometer to confirm, or rule out a blockage. Another route to take is to remove the radiator from the car and flush it out using a “Power Washer” and a mild cleaning agent. Also a forward and reverse flush of the heater core may help. Slow running fan could be sign that the fan is failing. Remember the fan is electric. It has a motor. The motor has an armature. If the armature is arching the fan could fail at any time. Scan the ECM for error codes. Post any codes you find. Cooling system in this car is all aluminum and requires “Long Life” anti freeze. I certainly hope you’re using it.
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Replace the fan.

The ability for the cooling system to cool is the ability of water/coolant to flow through the radiator and air to be blown over it to cool it.

So if not enough air blowing over it, then it will not cool as well.

And radiators get filled with gunk. There are tiny openings which can get clogged. Like this...

Sometimes you can see into a radiator through the cap. If it looks clogged like that inside, get a new radiator too.
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I have solved my over heating problem. I replaced the cooling fan relay #1 the fan speed is back to normal, the car does not over heat and now I have noticed my air conditioning is working better.

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