2000 Grand Prix: Steering HELP!!!!!!


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2000 Grand Prix: Steering HELP!!!!!!

Hey, ill get right to it, about 1 month ago, i had a coil spring binding noise in my passenger front strut. So i bought a brand new stut bearing and put it on. After that we took it for a ride and all the noise is gone, but now we cant steer going to the left, or drivers side. It Gets Hard. So we figured we put that strut bearing on wrong and we then replaced both front struts with factory ones and it still does the same thing. We have replaced them and 4 wheel bearings, and both outer tie rods.

Now when we jack up the car a little and relieve pressure on both side separatly, it steers nice and easy to bothe sides. I have no leaks, or anything, fluid is up there and does not smell burnt.

One thing i was wondering , is on the passenger side, the lower control arm has some play and moves a tiny bit. But the one on the drivers side has no play in it at all. could that be part of it.

2000 Grand Prix SE
3.1 Motor.
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hmmm.... would make sure there are no power steering lines pinched for one thing, sounds like it is pump related. does it turn to the right fine? could be steering box if it only happens in one direction.

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