Weird noise from engine when start


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Weird noise from engine when start

I have a 2005 minivan. I took good care of it and it has about 88K miles. Lately I've noticed that when I start the engine there is a loud tic tic noise that seems to be coming from the engine. It sounds like when you hold a spark plug close to car chassis while the engine is running. This noise goes away when the engine warms up (4-5 min). I did not have this issue before and I don't know what seems to be causing it. Should I take it into the shop ? Does this sound like a piston or spark plug going bad ? Is it something I can ignore for the time being? Thank you.
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Could be a lifter. More annoying than anything else.
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Could be excessive bearing clearance.
I dont think its a spark plug.
I would not ignore it because if it is excessive rod or main bearing clearance it could be fixed before the bearing spins and takes the crank and rod with it. Could be pistion slap.

What is year make model and engine size?
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Didn't happen right after an oil change did it? What engine are we talking about here, and mileage would help as well.
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Thank you. It is a 2005 Kia Sedona minivan v6. Mileage is 88K. I noticed that the sound is there mostly if I let the van sit a few days without starting. If I start the engine everyday, there will be no noise. Any more thoughts ? Thank you good people !
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I'd say your lifters are bleeding down. I'd get a check on the oil pressure with a gauge and if the pressure is around 50 psi, don't worry about the ticking. When you need it opened up, think about a set of lifters.
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lifters. oil drains down by the force of gravity and it takes some time to build up pressure for lifters to move rockers and for those to close gap between rocker and valve. that little gap makes tapping noise on cold starts.

i have 2 solutions for you.
1. let it warm up before driving
2. sludge is prolly building up inside lifters, slowly seizing them. run can of seafoam, for about 500-700 miles, in oil. it is perfectly safe to do. then, drain used oil, flush with supertech oil in your weight from walmart(refill with supertech/run engine for 15 mins, with occasional revs), drain, replace filter. personally, if you do not have any oil leaks and oil level stays stable, i'd have switched van to good synthetic. if it takes oil for any reasons, don't, it is financially not feasible. basically, you would have cleaned all sludge out, even from tiny passages like in lifters; whatever left would have been flushed out by flush oil; synth oil is more liquidy, and goes into lifters faster than conventional oil.
of course, you may have blessed engine with adjustment screw in rocker, like Hondas do, and you can adjust gap on cold.
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Let the car sit for a few days then go out after dark,raise the hood and start it up, you may be able to SEE your noise.
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