Engine ck light after body repair


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Engine ck light after body repair

I had my car in a body shop for a week. When I got it back, the engine check light was on. They of course assume no responsibility for that.
It could be a coincidence, but highly unlikely.
First time it's been on in 7 years.
I'm wondering if this is common. I remember from my auto tech days when we used a certain gasket material under the hood, it would screw up the O2 sensor.
I dunno how anyone can work in a body shop with those extremely toxic paint fumes. But I wonder if that coulda done it.
The light just went off. Hope it's gonna stay off.
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Take it by an Auto Zone or other dealer and have them run the codes for you to find out exactly what it was. It could be something innocuous, or it could be an item that needs immediate attention. If it already went out it could be in the intake, such as the mass air sensor.
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type of car and year and repair done would help.
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The STICKY entitled "Read this note before posting" says:

***Help Us Help You - Please include as much information as possible***

Always post:

1) State Year, make, model, transmission type, and engine size, body type.

2) What the problem is. A comprehensive description of the problem. Include the conditions if any of when the probelm happens and how often it happens.

3) What attempts have been made to fix the problem, either by you or a mechanic. What parts have been changed? No detail is too small.

We probably need a sticky that says READ THE STICKY BEFORE POSTING !!
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Worked in body shop for years. often times they will et codes because either we had the key on when the battery was disconnected and it set a bunch of codes for low voltage, or vehicle was moved or running with gas cap loose or o2 sensor unplugged. In any case these codes will clear on their own once the fault is no longer their and it passes the diagnostic test run by the computer twice. If it is an o2 sensor, the computer will only run the test once per ignition cycle, and for the test to run you must be crusing at a steady speed greater than 35 miles an hour. problably just had something unplugged when they had the key turned on. I would imagine it should not come back on.
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