Wants to stall in Reverse


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Wants to stall in Reverse

1993 Saturn SL2 135000 miles, auto transmission. Wants to stall in reverse but if you give it extra gas, it will go fine. Any ideas on what would cause this problem? Any advice would be great! Thanks..
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That's interesting!

If you are on level ground going forwards and backwards, and it does not want to stall when placing it in drive, but does when going in reverse, then I would check the transmission.

If you are going uphill in reverse, then there would be more of a load on it, so in that case I would check the engine idle controls.

How about placing it in drive with your foot on the brake? Does it ever want to stall? Or only reverse?

I'm trying to figure out what would be different with reverse from drive...

On most vehicles there are electrical switches which detect that the transmission is in neutral/park as opposed to reverse and drive. And also the mechanical linkage. Maybe the mechanical parts are placing it in reverse but not activating the electrical switch and the engine thinks it is still in park?

Try placing it in neutral first, then go into reverse and see if you still have the same problem...

And see if your reverse lights come on when going from park to reverse. And also when going from neutral to reverse. Get another person to watch. Or use a mirror. Or park with your tail lights in front of a store window and you will be able to see the reflection.

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