94 Camry Engine Cooling issues


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94 Camry Engine Cooling issues

I had some smoke/steam coming out and then I noticed the leaks from Radiator. I fixed all the leaks, but I still get the high engine temp and fan does not strat.

No I do know the fans are working, cuz as soon as I start the AC; the fan does come up.

I am not sure if it is thermostat; but then my meter does show the high temp. So it means it does sense the temp of engine

Any way to find out the radiator and hose leaks for sure???
Any other area to look at?

Any help is appreciated.

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4 or 6? One or two fans doesn’t matter. Test one or both fan motors by jumping motor(s) directly with car battery. Replace any motor that doesn’t energize. If both motors energize, then troubleshoot circuit. Confirm relays, circuit, and wiring. Rule out blown fuses, circuit breakers, or fusible links. Scan for codes and post. Confirm operational thermostat. (“Stat” on a string in pot of boiling water trick).

(QUOTE) I had some smoke/steam coming out and then I noticed the leaks from Radiator

Impossible to repair leaks. At best repair(s) will be temporary and blow in less thah a week. Reason is radiator is made of plastic. TO REPAIR MEANS TO REPLACE.
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Second ASE's radiator comments and aftermarket radiators are pretty cheap nowadays. As a side effect of fixing any leaks you'll also eliminate any obstructions/clogging from the old radiator.
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As said, with some vehicles one fan will be for the radiator and the other fan for the A/C only.

Then I don't know about your specific vehicle, but with some vehicles there will be a "coolant temperature sender" and this shows the engine temperature on the dash.

Then there is also a "coolant temperature sensor" which goes to the engine computer and also would activate the radiator fan.

Then on yet other vehicles, there is just one "coolant temperature sensor", and that provides temperature information on the dash, for the engine computer, and also activates the radiator fan.

The best way to find out how the fans work is to look at a factory wiring diagram for your specific vehicle. You can order that from your dealer.

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