1997 thunderbird with no blower.


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Question 1997 thunderbird with no blower.

I have a 1997 ford thunderbird 4.6 liter that blower does not come on. I was driving down the road and smoke came out of the vent above the radio and the motor stopped. I checked all fuses high and low and are all good. I checked the motor and it's not getting power. I replaced the controllor with same and it comes on but still not blower. The controller is a digital climate control and lights up and when i switch to either heat or a/c i can hear the vents opening but no blower. I put on defrost and it comes on but the blower still doesn't work. I was told maybe the resistor bank went bad???
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Yes the blower motor resistors is a common problem and/or the associated wires/connectors can sometimes be melted.

If that is ok, then check the fan motor.

The wires from the fan motor would typically go right to the blower motor resistors.

Some vehicles have an electronic blower speed control.

These are usually located under and behind the glove compartment area.
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Sounds like a blower motor resistor to me. alot of times when the older ones fail, the plastic electrical connectors melt.
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Are you SURE the blower motor is in working order. Did you run power directly to it and see if it would spin? You checked the motor and it wasn't getting power, and then you changed the controller in the dash. Then what? Still no power at the plug to the fan motor, or what? Got power at the plug.... then the fan motor is junk. I've seen this problem before and it has always been the fan motor itself. I have never had to change the dash panel. And the fans are stock items at the parts stores these days.... that should tell you something!
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I unplugged the fan motor and put the fan on high at the dash and didn't get power at the fan plug or the plug to the risistor panel to the right of the fan motor. I swithed the dash control and still nothing..
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First thing is say hello to Monica for us. She’s our kind of woman.

Only kidding. Just having some fun with you.

You’re putting the cart before the horse here. In other words you’re looking for a major solution to a minor problem.

Do the following

Make up a set of jumper leads that reach from the cars battery to the blower motor.

Now touch the leads to the contacts on the blower motor.

If the blower comes on let us know.

If it doesn’t, replace the blower motor.

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