? on Replacing 2003 Tahoe Running Lights


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? on Replacing 2003 Tahoe Running Lights

I have a question on 2003 Tahoe LT and replacing what I believe are running lights. These lights sit directly under the main lights and both appear to be burned out. How to replace is my question. I see how to remove the main light asbly with the removeable pins. Then what to do? I was up at Advance Auto and even they were stumped.

Any help/advice would be appreciated.


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Check for blown fuses
Confirm bulbs are good
Confirm sockets are good
Confirm connections wiring, and especially grounds.

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Here is a picture I found on the internet. There sure are LOTS of light there! You are ready for Christmas!
Anyway there seems to be 3 rows of lights...

Top row
Row just under that.
Then the two lights all the way at the bottom.

I have no idea which are which, but if you can describe exactly which lights, maybe someone would know what those lights are specifically?

Also some "white" lights might be fog lights. Is there a fog light switch?

And then for daytime running lights (White), I've read there is a difference between Canada and the U.S. I think in Canada these must always be on. Then in the U.S. I think there is a switch to turn them off on some vehicles?

So might want to look through your owners manual if this is a new to you vehicle, then see if there is a switch for these.

Also if there was a diagram in your owners manual which gave the name and function of the specific lights, that would be helpful to know.
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thanks for your reply and picture. That's the exact setup.

The bottom row are "fog lights" and are fine.

If you look at the middle row, the two inside lights with the clear cover are known as "running lights" and these are the bulbs that appear to be burned out. I need to check these bulbs out. It's only logical that they would be burned out as I believe they are on whenever car is running.

now how to get to them?

thank you.
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It is unlikely that both would burn out at the same time. Look in your owner's manual for fuses in the maintenance/service area. Hopefully it will say where and which fuse is for those specific lights. Check the fuse.

And also read in the owners manual if there is a way to turn those off. If yes, check the setting/switch.

Then if there was a previous owner, check the cables in that area to see if someone disconnected them.

As to getting to the bulbs, I searched google.com for the words...
2003 Tahoe running lights

And found this...
WikiAnswers - How do you change a day running light bulb in a 2003 tahoe Also what type of better bulb would you use to replace them with

And this about switching them on/off...
(Should be in your owner's manual)
The daytime running lights on my 2003 Chevy Tahoe do not turn on automatically anymore. The bulbs work, and the fuse is in tact, so what's the problem? | Answerbag

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remove the headlight assy.

look closely at the side of the DRL assembly. there is a plastic clip that needs to be pressed, and the whole assy simply turns out. then swap bulbs.
those bulbs do burn out fast. i have to go through them about twice a year, and see many trucks with a "black eye".
one thing i really like about those trucks is how easy it is to remove the whole assy for bulb replacement.


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You have to take your grill off and when that comes off the lamp will be sitting around two clamps you have to undo them,

what???????? take the grill off? take the headlight out, 5 seconds, press the clip on DRLs, take it out. total of maybe 10 seconds for a rookie.

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