1999 Honda Civic transmission


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1999 Honda Civic transmission

This is my first forum entry, but I'm very enthusiastic about this site, and the forum. As costs for everything (supplies, transportation, labor) keep going up, doing "it" yourself is the best way to [I]earn[I] money.

I recently returned from my last trip to Iraq, and bought a car in a hurry; never a good idea. My "very reliable, good investment" Civic has already had a leaky tire, power windows that don't work, a check-engine light problem, and the transmission problem.

Between gears the car jumps a lot (I'm a fairly veteran stick driver, so I don't think it's my technique). In gear, especially 2 thru 4, the whole car shakes if I let off of the accelerator in the mid to high range of the gear. There is also a lot of audible grinding.

I've thought about the timing chain (replaced 50k miles ago), and the clutch, but I'm obviously just hoping I don't need to replace the whole transmission.

Any suggestions are welcome!
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What comes to mind is the young kids I see driving in those cars and racing all over the place, etc. And what might they have damaged when doing so?

I think probably the easiest way to figure out where the problem is would be to find where that "grinding noise" is coming from...

I got an old doctor's stethoscope at a yard sale, then replaced the tube from the ear part to the listening part with several feet of vacuum hose. Then I can fasten the listening part to somewhere in the engine compartment and be in the vehicle listening.

Perhaps you can make something similar or use a microphone? Then fasten it to the transmission and drive, on transmission near drive shafts and drive, then around clutch area and drive, then to engine and drive. See where the sound is loudest...
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i am assuming it is a manual transmission.
fortunately, vs automatic, those are really hard to kill, esp on genuine hondas.
it's too simple and has almost no electronics to go bad.

1. is parking brake holding well? if yes, put her into neutral, engage parking brake to its best, engage 1st gear, and slowly let go off the clutch pedal. if the car stalls, your clutch plate is still good. if not, time to replace it.
2. pressure bearing or pressure plate might be worn out either.
3. locate clutch hydraulic cylinder, it has a bleeder on it. just like for brake calipers. bleed the cylinder.
4. spend 12-14 bucks, buy repair manual for it. check clutch pedal travel. it's adjustable and some tuning might go long way.
5. change gear oil. don't go cheap, replace with good one, like Amsoil.

unfortunately, those engines are interference engines, and belts are recommended to be replaced every 60K miles. track down if it was ever done. if timing belt rips, you looking at heck of repairs - to the engine block now.

just re-read your post. audible grinding? howling noise? REPLACE GEAR OIL.

btw, where's grinding coming from? not necessarily gear box.... pin point it...
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(Quote) a check-engine light problem.

The check engine light is on because its doing its job. Its telling you that there is at least one stored error code in the cars ECM. Many chain type stores like Auto Zone read computer error codes. Having a scan done at one of these stores is free. The first chance you get have a scan done and post any codes.

(Quote) timing chain (replaced 50k miles ago), and the clutch

You changed the clutch 50k miles ago?

Is this your way of saying that the pressure plate and throw out bearing as well were not changed?
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