any advise on removing a Nissan side feed injector?


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any advise on removing a Nissan side feed injector?

I'm trying to remove a injector from my Maxima. Like most Nissan's, my injector is a side feed injector. After removing the retaining plate, I'm able to twist and rock the injector. The harder I try grasping the injector with my pliers, the easier the injector housing begins to crack. I've even tried spraying the injector with penetrating oil in hopes that it would get to the o-rings and break the seal, no luck.
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Just food for thought.....

If the penetrating oil loosened them up and "Broke The seal", what do you think will happen to pressurized fuel in the same space??? If They've stood up to gasoline all these years, the Pene-oil aint gonna cut it.

Bills Video is dead on "Correct".
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O-rings can be replaced, no big deal.. if he busts seats, that's a different story.

so, fuel rail must be taken out. not a bad idea, btw.

though i appreciate guy's ingenuity, it's heck of a messy shop
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Tell us why you’re removing the injector? Tell us in detail exactly what the problem is. We’re here to help, and if your problem has been misdiagnosed you could be removing the injector for nothing, and possibility be creating a bigger problem.

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