Looking for a switch


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Looking for a switch

I don't know if this is the right forum for this, but since this is going to be a simple starter interrupt button for my car I thought I would start here.

I want a switch has the following features:

simply breaks a circuit by default
push button to complete the circuit
after power is cut (or x amount of time elapses) it returns to "off"
the smaller the better.

I know they're out there I just don't know the correct terminology to find what I'm looking for. any help?
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They are called a kill switch and will be installed in higher end automobiles.

The switches I have seen are just simple push button switches hidden somewhere. You just press the button while turning the key to start. And it just completes the starter circuit.

I've never seen just a switch which does what you say. However I have seen switches wired in a circuit with a relay which will do that. That is quite common with things like saws in workshops.

And you would want to use a "continuous duty rated relay" as it would be on all the time and also mount that under the hood where it would get good air circulation like on the firewall. Relays which are always on can get to be quite hot!

A "continuous duty rated relay" would be the same as would be used for headlights as those are always on.

A "momentary rated relay" would be used for something like a horn where it is just on for a brief time (with most drivers! ).

Here is an automotive version of these...
Starter Interrupt Relay Diagrams

A simple diagram - hot would be to ignition so it would turn off when the key was off...
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In addition to protecting your vehicle, if you install a “Passive” device you can qualify for up to a 15% insurance discount. Depends on state you live in, so check with your insurance company.

Again the device must be “Passive”.

Passive means it arms via no “Human Intervention”.

All you do is shut the ignition, lock the doors, and walk away from the vehicle. A few seconds later the device arms automatically.

Click on the link below for the unit I recommend.

Amazon.com: Megatronix - SKSR - Passive Vehicle Immobilizer Security System With 2 Relays Included: Automotive

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