what kind of maintenance do I need for 2000 Camry?


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what kind of maintenance do I need for 2000 Camry?

I have 2000 Camry with low milage 50k miles. My wife uses it every day for work and daily stuff.
Since we don't live far from her work, it's being putting on about 5k miles yearly.
I do this kind of maitenance with dealers
1) oil change (5-6 months)
2) windshield wipers (when hearing squeaky sounds) a few times
3) replaced battery a few times
4) replaced tires a couple of times
5) replaced transmission fluid a couple years ago
6) replaced break pads last year.
7) replaced air-filter a couple of times

The car has beeing running perfectly fine.
but since it's a 10 year old car, I wonder if I need to do anything else to keep it in a good shape given that we have such a low milage and still count on running it for a while?

if I ask the dealer, they will probably want me to do all unnecessary maintenance.
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(Quote) 2000 Camry with low milage 50k miles.

Fill up with a good quality “Top Tier Fuel” and drive at 60mph at least 4 times a week. Best way to keep fuel injectors clean. Never use any pour in the fuel tank fuel system cleaner or fuel injector cleaner. All are “BS” and a waste of money.

(Quote) oil change (5-6 months)

Throw out the owner’s manual on this one. Start changing the oil and filter every 3000 miles. Use only Castrol GTX motor oil (5W-30) and Purolator Pure One oil filters. Synthetic oils and fluids are “BS” and a waste of time and money. The only additive to use is dry gas (Fuel line antifreeze) in the winter time.

Rotate the tires 4 times a year.

Change air filter once a year, and never use any K&N product. Again only Purolator Pure One air Filters.

Never have a transmission flush job done. Do a regular transmission fluid and filter screen change every 40.000 miles.

Change brake pads as needed. Use only EBC or Raybestos brake pads. Resurface (or replace) rotors as needed.
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Read the book that came with the car (in the glovebox). That should tell you everything you need to know about it.
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My wife drives an '01 with about 120k miles on it and it's needed very little maintenance beyond everything that's already been mentioned. I would be inclined on a 10+ year old vehicle to have the timing belt replaced even though the interval is (I think) 90K miles on that. Water pump is routinely done at the same time. Not in any maintenance schedule to replace it at that low a mileage, but good preventive measure anyway. Nothing will leave you stranded faster than a busted timing belt.

I would recommend a good independent shop.

Question: Is it a long enough drive each day to get the engine fully up to operating temperature?
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I own a '06 Camry XLE and an '06 Tacoma TRD.... Is it a 4 or a 6? 4 cylinders need plugs every 100K, 6 cylinders need them every 30K. Check into the timing belt around 80K I'm told.

Camry's are bulletproof.... JUST RUN IT!....LOL
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hmmmm... dealership must roll red carpet for you every time you show up for oil change. what does it say IN THE MANUAL? our 94 Corolla said oil change ONCE A YEAR. i am not aware of ANY modern car that needs to have oil changed every 3000 miles. not to step on some toes here...
your manual will prolly say 7-10 000 miles under normal driving conditions.

if you have iridium tipped NGKs, they are good for 100K miles. so do ignition packs, they last longer than that. no wires, so you good there. no chassis lubricating points, that is off your head.

i'd, basically, check plugs, if they are fouled with anything and still gaped right. if you have regular plugs, buy iridium NGKs and be happy. i routinely lubricate plug tips, where they go into the ignition pack, with dielectric grease.

buy spray can of electrical sealant, and battery terminal cleaning tool. clean terminals on battery and cables, re-install, and spray sealant over them. btw, you shouldn't be gone through several batteries in just 10 years. modern batteries are well lasting 6-7 years if properly maintained - yes, at terminals.

run can of seafoam through tankful on your next long distance trip. before next oil change, about 500 miles ahead of time, pour can of seafoam into engine oil and drive on it. then change oil. you'd been better off flushing with flush oil before pouring new oil in, but it's a DIY protocol, not sure if someone will do it for you.
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A wife driving low miles can raise the costs and increase problems for modern cars.

I have a 1999 Jimmy 4wd with almost 150,000 miles on it. My wife drives a "sister" 2000 Blazer 4wd with 90,000 miles on it.

My total maintenance is lower than hers. When you factor in the common weak front end suspension, the difference is much greater.

Driving habits have a big factor on the cost. When she gets into my car, she complains about the leather seats because she likes fabric, but she finally says, "Why does your car feel so much better?".
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If your vehicle has a fuel filter, I'd change it. Mine get changed every 30K miles. And they are quite large in size.

Recommending brands of motor oils is like recommending religions or politics. No one will ever agree on anything.

Personally I prefer premium brake pads such as Pagid, Hawk, Performance Friction, Mintex, or Porterfield.

I like Baldwin and Wix oil filters. I've seen Frams get crushed internally. Actually I crushed a Fram on one of my cars. Fortunately I noticed an oil pressure drop (gauge) and looked at the filter.

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