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I have a ford focus 2002 xst with 140k in milage. when I start it in the morning I feel a lot of vibrations that last for about 15 min. sometimes I feel the vibrations in the steering wheel.

Any ideas what should I do ?

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Check your tires

Make sure they have the proper amount of air in them and are in good condition [even wear] It also wouldn't hurt to jack each tire up and see if it rolls good with no wobble or any loose steering or suspension parts.
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yeah, replace engine mounts. also, be ,ore specific on what kind of vibration is it. i'd say, on a first humch, your engine has rough warm up. takes about 15 mins to warm up, RPMs stabilize, and it gets better. so, engine mounts. or, general tune up to improve low end RPMs.
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Do you have to hold the wheel off center (either to the left or right) to keep the car going straight?

Check for

Tire thread separation
Bent, worn. or broken, suspension parts
Uneven tire thread wear
Improperly balanced wheels
Are all the tires the same size?
Is tire pressure equal at 32psi in all tires?

When it comes to wheel balancing many mechanics and techs donít realize that it is necessary to start with a bear rim. In other words new weights must never be installed on a rim that has weights on it already. Any existing wheel weights must be removed from the wheel, before the balancing process begins, and before new weights are installed.
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Have you recently bought new tires? I've owned sets that flat spot overnight. They smooth out when warm.

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