97 Chevy BLAZER S-10 Still PINGS


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97 Chevy BLAZER S-10 Still PINGS

Well here we go. I've had the fuel pump, spider injection assembly replaced on a 4.3 s-10 blazer, auto with air. The car will ping on initial acceleration from a stop for a few seconds. If I'm towing a trailer 2800lbs it will ping all the way through 1st gear after it goes away. Sometimes I feel a hesitation then it kicks into normal acceleration. I used a vacuum gage hooked to the hose that goes into the brakke booster. At idle it shows 21 inches vacuum. If i hit the gas the needle dumps to about 10 then jumps to abot 25-26 and goes right back to 21 inches of vacuum steady. I decarbonized the motor with 16 ozs of seafoam and installed new ac delco platinum plugs. I also removed the egr valve and yhe piston move freely. If i disconect it and run motor the check engine light come on. Hoooked back up and reset the computer no more light. Never had any codes at all. Could my distributor have been removed for the spider injection replacement and not installed back properly, just a wild guess. Always thought that a motor pings when the timing is advanced too far ahead of the full compression stroke of the piston compressing the fuel mixture. But with all this computerized stuff I imagine it can get quite complex!! HELP HELP HELP:
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Are you using a “Top Tier” Fuel?
Has the fuel filter been changed recently?
Have you checked the gear at the base of the distributor for wear?

Vortec engines have a higher fuel pressure and fuel volume requirement.

Using a fuel pressure gauge confirm the fuel psi values below and post the results

Fuel system pressure with KOEO (60 to 66 PSI)

Fuel system pressure at idle (50-63 PSI)

Fuel pump pressure with return line briefly restricted (66 PSI)

See TSB # 04-06-04-047H below.

Click on the link below

When the page opens scroll to page 3

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Possible knock sensor problem is always a possibility.
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Definitely not a knock sensor issue.

Had I thought (a knock sensor) was present I would have mentioned it..

Since you missed it the first time.

Here it is for your convenience more time.

Much easier than it appears.

Take you only one Saturday.

CSFI” is crap.

Click below.


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