Chrysler 300 Front disc brakes


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Chrysler 300 Front disc brakes

The newest member in our family of cars is a 2007 Chrysler 300 with the 3.5 litre engine. The car has just turned 30000 miles, and there is no problem or noise from the wear indicators, but I have a feeling it may be getting close. I have changed front discs on all my cars, Fords, and Dodges (1997 Intrepid is most recent) Will I need any new special tools to take the calipers off this Chrysler when the time comes?
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I think they are the same on my 06 Charger.
No special tools.
Quite easy
Open end wrench and a socket or another wrench.

I notice with my Charger that they are prone to rust.
Dont take to much to make them sieze in place. The sliders and the pads have to be kept free. Girl at my dealer said she sees the mechanics filing the pads all the time.
So that is what I did with mine and they kept free last winter.
Not much room for any corrosion.
Do they use much salt in Ohio

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