Corolla substitute


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Corolla substitute

In 2007 I bought a Corolla and now have to have the ECM replaced.
I see so many Toyota recalls that I would like to ask,"What car in the Corolla price range would you recommend that has the integrity the Toyotas used to have?"
I am buying a new car and woud appreciate an opinion.
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We're here to help

What's the mileage on your Corolla?
What error codes (if any) are currently showing?
Tell us in detail exactly what the problem is?
How was it determined that the computer was at fault?

Note, If the computer must be changed, it's still under warranty and should cost you nothing.

(Question) What car in the Corolla price range would you recommend that has the integrity the Toyotas used to have"

Still have.

Buy another Corolla. If that's not what you want to hear, then buy a Honda civic.
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I don't like the looks of it but the Ford Focus is in the same class and they seem to have stepped up the efforts to make quality cars in the last few years
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Toyota substitute

I have 30K on my Corolla.
There is no error message but i received a letter form Toyota that my car nneds to have the Electronic module replaced.
I checked the vin # and it is true. The dealer said I'll get another letter in Novemebr when the part is in to have it done.
There is no charge for the replacement.
I asked about another car because of the recalls but it seems to be epidemic with all the manufacturers.
I will look at the Honda Civic but Honda just had a recall too.
I grew up in the late forties and fifties when American cars were good and the only buy. Then there was a period when you got more for your dollar with foreign, better gas mileage and fewer repairs.
I never thought i would cross over but I have bought three Corollas in the last 15 years and there were all good.
Now it is a crap shoot with American cars making somewhat of a comeback and the foreign cars having so many recalls.
I need a crystal ball.
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I couldn't understand how the focus made Car and Driver's top ten list during its period of 20 or so recalls.
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Do not judge quality by the number of recalls on a Manufacturers Plate.

There is a reason for a recall, and in all honesty, Be glad they found the problem before you did.

And They all have them, Import, domestic or otherwise. There are even Recalls on BABY STROLLERS......

As much as I dont Agree with buying an Import while Living in the USA....If youve been happy with them, There really isnt a reason to change, based on Recall status.
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1. replacement suggestion: Toyota Corolla. they are great, super reliable cars. period, end of sentence. now, every now and then, there's a dud, sorry about bad luck. but statistically speaking, you have 2 options, well, 3 maybe. Corolla, Civic, and VW 1.8 TDI.

2. with all that being said, here's a little wisdom from an ex immigrant, that lives in a community that is frugal, works for living, and knows what to buy. the younger the cars, the less reliable they become; or, otherwise said, they become so complicated and full of electronics, that it badly heads them into all kind of troubles.
before i say something else, I DO HEARTILY APOLOGIZE. i mean no disrespect.
do not buy ones assembled in the USA, Canada, or Mexico. Even that they have same componentry and prolly same robots as their Japanese counterparts, they will not be as reliable as ones made in Japan. it's workforce question. Japanese are just different.

which leads me to a suggestion number 4 in car choice. buy from Scion brand. this is about the one and only make, in your niche, that is 100% made in Japan, mof - in Toyota City, Japan.

or, be even smarter, sell yours, take loss, turn around, and buy late 90s model, made in Japan. Civic or same Corolla. you can't kill them.
but, honestly, ECM replacement, which is costly, but 5 minute job, is not really a reason to dump the car. yeah, it's $1200 dealership, prolly quarter of that off ebay or salvage yard, and some of them do warranty electronics, but it still does not warrant to dump a car that is a standard of reliability.
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I hate to say this but in my opinion Ukrbyk is not being accurate when he explains why in his mind cars produced at Toyota City are somehow of a higher quality than those produced in Cambridge Ontario, Allison Ontario(Honda), or Kentucky or .....because 'its a workforce question.'

I worked for Toyota in the past in one of their transplants, and also spent alot of time in Toyota City in some of their plants. I have also spent alot of time on GM manufacturing lines both in the U.S. and Europe with Vauxhall an Opel. There are no internal metrics within Toyota, nor within any of the respected outside survey companies that have ever been able to define any significant difference between assembly locations of Japanese Products. In some cases new North American plants actually product superior paint finish for instance. One of the success factors for Toyota and Honda even going back into the late 80's and early 90's was to ensure that nobody had to be concerned about where their product came from, though most higher volume models are produced where they are sold, which means in the U.S.A or Canada. Most parts are localized, however a very small portion do come from their Japanese supply chain. In almost all cases where latent quality issues have come up, these involved localized parts and had nothing to do with the manufacturing process, people, or product.
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You have all been very helpful.
My conclusion is to let them replace the ECM at n/c, keep the car till 60K then reevaluate what to buy.
Waiting a bit may result in a different perspective - maybe.

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