1998 Nissan Maxima - Brakes


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1998 Nissan Maxima - Brakes

I owned a 1998 Nissan Maxima SE with approximately 200,000 miles and is hearing a scrubbing sound that appears to be coming for the rear passenger wheel when the brakes are gently applied. This scrubbing sound does not always occur, just sometimes. I have changed the caliper, rotor, the brake hose to that wheel, and the wheel bearing assembly. The sound gives me the impression that something needs greasing. Has anyone ever experienced such sound?
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well, bent dust shield scraping on rotor comes to mind 1st.
but, are you, actually, 150% positive it comes from the brakes? tire can be scraping on something, exhaust pipe can move up and down and rub, there are many things back there, with independent suspension, that do move and do rub.
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I would have someone standing by while you drove the car by a few times while using the brakes to pinpoint where the sound is coming from--then investigate from there.
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1998 Nissan Maxima - Brakes

I have done what both of you (cbuddy20 & ukrbyk) mentioned. I had someone to drive it while I stood by which led me to know that its coming from the rear passenger wheel. Also, I had my mechanic put it up on his lift, spend the wheel while I applied the brake oh so gently. He heard the noise but could not determine its main source. But, I will go back disassemble the entire braking system and reinspect that side. Thanks for your input!
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Question Hub??

I wonder if it's the bearing in the rear hub letting go??
Be sure to check that with the rear brakes off-spin the hub.
Is it smooth running? With the tire on, check for play with the car off the ground. Grab the tire top/bottom and flex it.
Can you feel anything??

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