2002 Toyota Highlander Thermostat Replacement V6 enigine


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2002 Toyota Highlander Thermostat Replacement V6 enigine

Where on this vehicle is the thermostat located, in the good old days, it was always the top hose going to the thermostat housing, but this is not the case for this vehicle, so now i have to ask for help. Thank you Jim
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(Quote) in the good old days, it was always the top hose going to the thermostat housing.

The good old days are gone.

To bad.

In the good old days safe sex meant having all your windows up, and making sure all your doors were locked.

Thermostat location

Now located at the lower radiator hose. Follow the hose back to a metal tube that connects to the rear left side of the engine. At the end of the tube, inside the engine block you’ll find the thermostat.
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ok, take the plastic engine cover off.
it's above starter and towards the engine firewall.
you should locate a long pipe, running above starter. front end of it is connected to lower radiator hose on the right hand side of radiator. next to battery, to be specific. that pipe has 90 degree angle elbow and thermostat is in the engine inside that elbow.
you have to remove air filter box. if you have the coolant inlet pipe, you need to remove the pipe, then remove the housing. of course, O-ring and gasket must be replaced.
considering that starter is right below all this, you need to drain coolant well, and i'd still have starter covered/sealed completely, as spill will happen.
yep, they got it in well.
have you done rear spark plugs on it yet? it's a treat! $500 dealership. if you decide to, let me know, i know how to do it in 45 mins yourself. have done and getting close to doing again, mileage is getting there.

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