01 Malibu Vaccuum Leak


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Question 01 Malibu Vaccuum Leak

01Malibu 3.2 engine. Ive tried canned smoke used to set off fire smoke detectors & Iliquid propane&went around all the fittings.It failed the emissions&Im trying to get a sticker on it,any suggestions?Thank you!Desperate , Jim
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Codes and/or specifically what it failed for would be useful. Post codes if you have them or if you need a scan try AutoZone or one of the other places that will do it for free and post back anything that turns up. Take any part replacement suggestions with a grain of salt.
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As the Indian Chief Said to his Youngest Son....

Who Say-um Vacuum Leak......?????

3.1?? 3.3?? 3.4??? 2.2 maybe, but Ive Never seen a 3.2 in a GM.

Secondly, There are far more prominent issues that are possible, other than a Vac leak, to cause a failed emissions test.
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unplug ur p.c.v. .put a finger to cover its hole. U should feel no vac. if u do more than likely an internal blown intake gasket
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p.s. u might want to include the 8th dig. of your VIN its your engine size.
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(Quote) It failed the emissions


A vacuum leak alone didnít cause the failure. The issues caused by vacuum leak (or leaks) caused the failure. You should have been given a print out that details the failure. Post the print out so we can see it.

A method for finding vacuum leaks is to get a bottle of propane gas and attach a length (about a foot) of rubber hose to the gas valve. Open the valve so you have a steady flow of gas. Now hold the hose near suspected leak points (manifold, vacuum hoses, connections, etc) while the engine idles. If there is a vacuum leak, propane will be siphoned into the leak. This will result in a change in the engine's air/fuel ratio that will cause a noticeable change in idle speed and/or smoothness.

Use a scan tool, to watch the short term fuel trim value while you are using the propane to check the suspected vacuum leak points. If there is a vacuum leak and some of the propane is sucked into the leak, you will see a momentary drop in the STFT reading. This is confirmation that you have found a leak. You should keep checking because there may be more than one leak.

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