Dipstick brock at stem


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Dipstick brock at stem

I have a 2005 Dodge Stratus.

Went to check the oil today and the yellow handle on the dipstick broke off right at its base. This left the entire dipstick in the tube. Any suggestions on how to remove this so I can replace it with a new dipstick?

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Can you get a hold of it with a needle nose pliers?

Only other thing I can think of is finding where it enters the block and unbolt and remove the whole housing there.
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Surgical forceps?

If you are seeing some sort of plastic...you might drill a small hole and insert a screw to pull it out. Similar happened to me one time.
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How about using a magnet? Maybe even a slim one cut from the magnetic sheets.
Or maybe fish it out with a wire. Or use any of the above to get it far enough out to grab with needle nose pliers.
On a side note...Do you have to go to a medical supply to buy the surgical forceps?
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My experience with dipsticks although usually in older motors, is that there is usually only a bolt or 2 holding it to the side of the motor. Usually the tube slips into the side of the block and is easily removed if necessary. Should not be a biggie.
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I got it!

the dipstick "head is actually a 1" piece of plastic. Turn out it was broke about 1/2". This allowed my to tap it with a fine drill and screw in an eye screw in that hole, but only after spraying it with liquid wrench. Even then, it took a lot of muscle to get that thing out of the tube.

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For Next Time.......

A pair of needle nose pliers...A drywall screw, and a cigarette lighter.......

Heat the tube, until the plastic starts to bubble, , lay the screw in place and allow to cool....Gently heat the tube again and lift the stick out.....
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If the already mentioned methods havenít worked for you, try turning the car upside down and shaking it.

If that doesnít work then try this.

Get two awls or ice picks.

Now sharpen the tips on both on a grinding wheel till the tips are really fine and thin.

Now insert the tips (force if necessary) into the dip stick tube on either side of the broken stick.

Now simply pry up on either picks (or awls) to raise the broken stick out.


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