Plymouth Neon gears slipping


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Question Plymouth Neon gears slipping

I have a 2000 Plymouth Neon and it has an oil leak. The rear seal is leaking into the bell housing and it drips onto the clutch.

When I drive it, it goes well in 1st gear, 2nd is kinda slow, so is 3rd, 4th is fine.

Would getting an oil seal "conditioner" (I think that's what it's called at AutoZone) that makes the rubber part around seal swell up be a good idea to use? Or no?

Thank you!
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It's called Bar's/32 oz. rear main seal repair. Added to the oil and supposed to work within a week.

Is this good to use for this situation?

I know it's not a permanent fix. But, would this do more damage than good?
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2 things......No...dont put that junk in your car, and.....

Are You SURE the rear seal is leaking????? Cam sennsors can leak, and run into the bell house, Head gaskets can leak oil and run into the bell house, Gear oil from the trans can leak from input shaft seal into the bellhouse......

Detecting a Pattern here?????

I can do this to you, because each of the above listed issues have BURNED me on a rear seal replacement........Just a heads up.....

Now...regardless of where it comes from, once a clutch disc is slipping from fluid contamination, it is JUNK.....So even if the seal conditioner did what it says it should (Which is a snowballs life in The desert).......Your symptoms will still exist. Time to pinpoint the oil leak, fix it, pull the trans, replace the clutch, and while youre in there.......Replace the rear main seal. Sounds kinda ironic and sarcastic.....Since thats what you were trying to avoid in the first place....but for an added 10 bucks for a seal, as opposed to pulling the trans again, and replacing yet a 3rd clutch???????

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