Malibu Brake lights staying on


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Malibu Brake lights staying on

I have a 2006 Malibu Maxx SS. The brake lights stay on until you press the brake pedal, then they go off for a few seconds and come on again. I replaced the brake light switch but it did not help. When you press the brake pedal hard to stop, the brake lights come on correctly. Any ideas?
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There is a TSB on this problem relating to a wiring connection problem. The problem has nothing to do with the brake light switch.

Hope this will help you.

Subject: Intermittently Brake Lights (Stop Lamp) Do Not Function Correctly, Extended Travel to Shift Out of Park, Cruise Control Inoperative, DTCs C0161/C0277 Set (Perform Repair as Outlined)

Models: 2004-2007 Chevrolet Malibu, Malibu Maxx

2008 Chevrolet Malibu Classic

2005-2009 Pontiac G6

2007-2009 Saturn AURA


Some customers may comment that intermittently the brake lights do not function correctly. Other symptoms may include extended pedal travel required to shift out of PARK, cruise control does not function correctly, and DTC C0161 and/or C0277 may be set.

The most likely cause of this condition is high resistance due to terminal fretting corrosion in the body control module (BCM) C2 connector (specifically pins C2-18, C2-31 and C2-59).

DO NOT replace the BCM for this condition. Disconnecting the C2 connector, adding dielectric silicone grease and reconnecting the C2 connector per the procedure below will correct the high resistance condition due to terminal fretting corrosion.

Remove the right side front floor console side trim panel to access to the Body Control Module (BCM).
Locate the C2 connector on the BCM.
Unlatch the C2 connector and disconnect the C2 connector from the BCM.
Reconnect the C2 connector back on the BCM and re-latch.
Repeat Steps 3 and 4 (this step cleans up the terminal fretting corrosion).
Using the Tech 2, verify the brake pedal position sensor (BPPS) voltage is between:
0.88V - 2.11V (for 2004-2006 model years)

0.73V - 1.47V (for 2007-2009 model years)

Check for proper operation of the brake lights.
If the brakes lights are operating properly, remove the C2 connector again from the BCM and proceed to Step 8.

If the brake lights are not operating properly, proceed to Step 12.

Apply dielectric lubricant (clear gel) GM P/N 12377900 (In Canada, use P/N 10953529) on the BCM C2 pins (apply with a one-inch nylon bristle brush) on all the C2 connector pins (this will treat the pins against fretting corrosion).
Reconnect the C2 connector back on the BCM and re-latch.
Reinstall the right side front floor console side trim panel.
Using the Tech 2, check that the BPPS ratio is equal to BPPS learned home when the brake pedal is not depressed.
If they are equal, brake lamps should be operating correctly and no further steps are necessary.

If they are not equal, perform the Brake Pedal Position Sensor Calibration procedure in SI to complete the repair.

Check the brake lights for proper operation. If incorrect, refer to SI and perform normal diagnostics.
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Thank-you equinox. This problem has stumped me and my local dealership. I'll let you know the outcome.
Thanks again, Charlie
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You are welcome. I hope this will solve the issue. When you ask your local dealer about the TSB ask them why if in fact it was missed. GM issues TSB's for the dealer's benefit. You are not the first owner to experience this kind of problem obviously.
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malibu brake lights

this is a very common problem for us dealer techs, contrary to the bullitin mentioned in all reality it does need a BCM to correct the problem if it continues any tech who has fought this will know!!!!!!!!!!!
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2010 Malibu brake lights on while driving go off when peddle is pushed.

Fixed by removing panel to view switch. Got about 1/4 inch OD piece of clear plastic tubing about 1 1/2 inch long. The ID was a little small so heated with lighter and needle nose pliers and made ID bigger. Place it over the metal shaft that goes between the fork looking piece of plastic that activates the switch.
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Great advise!!!

Thank you! Went in car...removed panel.... removed switch.. wiggled it it in and out ..replaced ...Lights work...

N I C E !

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