heater core


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heater core

i have a 2002 durango a 318 v8. it needs a new heater core is there a short cut to removeing it the shop said it will be aroung 900.00 for a 70 dollar core it seems out of sight . why so much labor time?
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In the assembly/construction of a vehicle, the heater housing and core are among the first components to be installed - then everything else is installed around the core. As can be imagined, a lot of stuff must be removed just to access the piece.. And, as I recall, shop labor was over $100 per hour 5 years ago, it may be close to $150 now..
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Heater cores & A/C condensers are the jobs that make money for the techs that will take them on.. I used to take any that came into the shop.. Loved them all, no matter who made the car...If I had my way I would have a shop that only did this kind of work... Their about all the same,, The dash needs to be removed, the A/C evacuated & recharged, The heater plenum likley needs to be removed & is bolted from the engine compartment.. 900.00 doesen't seem out of line as it is a ~9 hour job for a Tech that has done it before.. Don't let the backyarder down the road try it,, as you have a lot of trim & upholstry & other parts that can be damaged... Roger
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Seems a bit high...but I guess prices may have gone up that much in 4 years. Had a Dakota with the same engine just a year or 2 older than yours. Put up with no heat for 2 yrs. When I finally got it done it was about $650. This was at a Radiator and A/C specialist. 4 months later the A/C coil developed a leak....POS.

I'd suggest replacing both while its apart. Labor shouldn't be much more.

btw...are you sure it's a 318 (5.2L)? Thought they went to the 4.7 and 5.9 only in about 2000?
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I'd suggest replacing both while its apart. Labor shouldn't be much more.
btw...are you sure it's a 318 (5.2L)? Thought they went to the 4.7 and 5.9 only in about 2000?
There should only be the price of the Evaporator, and maybe 20 or 30 bucks extra in labor, if that much. But make sure youre sitting down when they give you the parts cost on the evap coil......

As for 318/360....5.2/5.9.... 2000 is the last year that 5.2 is listed....but I have seen them as late as 04.... the 5.2/5.9 are virtually identical , with the only differences being "Internals", where the 4.7 is an OHC engine, all alone and not related to anyone.

As for price.....It pays about 7 to 8 hours. As mentioned...dot let the friendly neighborhood "Hack" attempt this one...It turns really ugly ,really fast.
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Ballpark estimate

Labor: $425 - $540
Parts: $195 - $230

Donlevy's Auto Service
1815 York Haven Road, York Haven, PA 17370-9086 (717) 932-2659

You didnít mention your level of skill. As cores go and pulling dashboards goes, your Durango is not that bad. You may want to try this job yourself and save the labor.

After that (and if you want to swim with the sharks) try pulling the core out of a 91 4 cylinder Toyota Camry, or 2004 Honda Civic.
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