Wipers make it worse


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Wipers make it worse

My parents have a new car. They take it to the full service car wash regularly. We were recently driving and it began to rain. When the wipers were turned on, it made it very hard to see through the windshield. Sort of smearing rather than wiping. Is there something I can do to clean the windshield to make it clear to see through. I think it's the wax coat from the car wash. I have even replaced the wiper blades and that didn't help.
Thanks for the help.
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Take some white vinegar and wipe the windshield down. This should get rid of any type of wax residue.
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Ammonia should get rid of the wax too, since at full strength it can strip the wax off of a floor.
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Either are effective, but, I'd think it best to have the car wet and to spray her down thoroughly..
Maybe a carefully wetted pad with sudsy ammonia....still use plenty of water...
Then try some Rain-ex, this worked for me, but it has to be re-applied every 2 weeks or so.
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I'll give the ammonia a try and see how that goes. If that goes well I may try the rain ex.
Thanks for the replies
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oh, no, no, no rainx.

rainx works this way: you apply it to NOT use your wipers. you need to get to above 45mph speed, and water droplets simply roll off. very cute and entertaining.

so, what's wrong with using viper blades? not much. when rainx application is fresh, wipers will leave gray smears across the rainx-d windshield. also, blades will start sticking to the coat, and making very nasty shaking passes, along with rubbing noise. at this point, you start regretting you put rainx on, and wishing for it to go away asap. that's why i am very careful with them gas station boys in OR - they have habit of treating your viper blades with rainx wipes.

how do i know? cuz i have all windshields on our cars rainx-d. reason being, i do not like using wipers, they irritate me. i like watching water roll off. ultimately, i'd recommend rainx only for side windows - 10 out of 10 effect, and rear window, 8 out of 10 effect. side mirrors.

1. i am, actually, suspicious that your windshield is indeed heavily rainx-d.
2. you may have one that was driven behind oil spitting exhaust of some hillbilly truck. now it's nicely coated with oil residue. i had windshield like this once. i tried everything. the only thing, well, 2 things that really work, is ether and pure medicinal alcohol. they are completely oil free and evaporate instantly, leaving no residue. dissolve most of oily coats.
3. when you get your windshield clean, buy set of bracketless wiper blades, THEY RULE. costco, godyear 7 bucks a pop. fantastic product.

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