Odd sound


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Odd sound

My 1999 Buick Park Avenue has 140,000 miles on it. The car has started making an odd sound. It is coming from the passenger side at the rear of the car. It doesn't really sound like any thing mechanical. The noise sounds like something cutting on and off, maybe like a switch going bad. I am really confused and need some suggestions.

It is a LOW HUMMING SOUND that will come and go. You can hear it from inside the car, and well as outside. When you first crank up the car, the sound will start, and once you get going, it will stop. And as you are are driving, the sound will start and stop several times. The sound will last several seconds at a time, and you never know when it will start doing it again.

It's embarrassing for someone to ride with me, cause they always ask, what's that noise? I hope someone can steer me in the right direction, and figure out what this sound is, and fix the problem.

I've owned this car since May of this year, and it wasn't making the noise when I first got it. The sound started happening about 3 months ago, and has progressively gotten worse. Please offer up any clues
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I would almost guess a loose fuel pump in the tank, but they run almost continuously with demand. Hang on, there better informed people who will chime in here.
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The armature in the automatic load leveling air compressor could be arching. Note that the air compressor is driven by a 12 volt electric motor. Itís no uncommon for an armature (in any electric motor) to hum when the armature is failing. The compressor is located near the right rear passenger tire, under a shield, with wiring that extends into the trunk of the car on the same side. As a test disconnect the electric wire connector going to the compressor (either in the trunk) or at the compressor and note if the hum disappears. Note that the wiring is under the trunk lining, so to access it you have peel back the lining in the trunk on the right side.

Chandler is right as well. Your fuel pump is driven by a 12 volt electric motor as well. Has the fuel filter been chaged recently? If not, then change it and see what impact that has on the hum.
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remove rear seat cushion. if it's doing this fairly often, just get there and pinpoint the sound origin. does your vehicle even have automatic leveling?

fuel pump............

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