CD will not play!


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CD will not play!

Can anyone tell me why my homemade (copied) CD will play just fine in my 2001 Buick player but NOT in my friend's 2002 Chevy player?

Both are stock factory players that came in the cars, but are surely different units as far as "looks" go, so what is up? Yes, the player in the Chevy works fine otherwise.... it even played a different "copied" CD we had. I was baffled since I knew the CD in question worked perfectly fine in my Buick.... What is up with this Chevy player that makes it so it will not play this one particular CD?

Thanks for any info you can give!
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The only thing I can think of, is some cd's/dvd's recorded on certain brand recorders, won't always play on all media. I've run into that and it seems to be hit or miss.
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Iíve experienced the same issue. One of the cars I own is a 1968 Chrysler New Yorker 383. Sheís a real cherry. Beyond showroom. 829.511 original miles. All ďOEĒ except for the Sony CDX-GT330.

All the CDís I burned play fine in my Infinity, but none will play in the Sony installed in the Chrysler. A lady friend of mine (who has a number of Microsoft certifications) has this to say.

Sam, itís a disc formatting problem thatís very common. If the discís you burned donít play on your computer, then let me know, and Iíll fix it for you. As far as the carís go, the Sony is not seeing your burners original the format.
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One reason, too is the tail end of the recording isn't "finalized". We record our Sunday services, and the equipment we have requires us to "finalize" the audio or video. It allows most all players to "see" the table of contents. Not sure why one will play and the other won't, but Sony is a little picky by design, IMO.

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