Extra maintenance 96 GMC Yukon 4x4


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Extra maintenance 96 GMC Yukon 4x4

Unfortunately, it's now my responsibility to handle the maintenance on my Yukon and wanted to make sure I'm not missing anything. I have my maintenance manual and log, so I have kept track. But are there other things, not listed that most people wouldn't know, because they're not car people? Do I need to change my oil from one weight to another between seasons? Do I assume that my antifreeze can handle extreme cold? Sorry to say, but I just filled it up and threw the bottle away, not thinking about checking it the fluid is orange). Okay, enough dumb questions, I can't afford to take it where someone may take advantage of someone with little knowledge. Thank you in advance.
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You use the same oil year around. If you have doubt about the AF by all means have it tested. Most any auto shop can do this for you.
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Thanks again retired wrench, I know my ex did change the weight in one of our vehicles, but I couldn't remember which one. thanks.
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flush the anti-freeze. check for intake leak first.
change the gas filter !
check the diffs and transfer case fluid. if they look ok, just top em off.
check and grease the front end.
check the belt and tensioner.
lube the door hinges !

look forward to replacing the :
intake gaskets
fuel injector spider
fuel pump
transfer case
perhaps the trans
around here, the rotors like to rust out

if this truck was ever a working snow plow truck in a salt area = god help you.

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