87 Cadillac Brougham: Intermittent Blower Operation


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87 Cadillac Brougham: Intermittent Blower Operation

Hello All,
Car is 1987 Cadillac Brougham RWD equipped with Electronic Climate Control (ECC). When ignition turned on, the ECC dash unit lights-up but when either Hi, Low, Econ, Auto or front defroster buttons pushed, the blower motor will not come on. There is a little light above the mode selected. That does go on/off. The heat works because you can feel it through the vents at high speeds. So does the air conditioning and you can hear the compressor cycle on/off. Then, all of a sudden, the blower motor will start to operate. Can happen any time, minutes after car is started or hours after. Once it operates the temperature can be changed. However if you go from one mode to another e.g., low speed to high, auto to defrost, sometimes the blower will stop operating, not always, just sometimes. There are also times that the blower will operate upon turning on the ignition. Have left the the ECC unit on 90 degrees, turned on in the morning and the system operates. Generally, if you do not change modes once the blower motor is operating, it will continue to operate. If the modes are changed, taking the chance that the blower motor will stop and the newly selected mode will not come on. Really a pain when the inside of the windshield fogs up.
Have tried a "new" ECC dash unit to no avail. Have put in new ACDELCO blower motor and problem not fixed. Have ordered a blower motor power control module. Don't know if that's the problem but ACDELCO has stopped making it and thought it a good idea to get one before it's no longer available. Have checked the wiring and all seems good but so much is covered by tape really cannot be sure. There is a tan wire going to ground. Have detached and re-attached. No solution there. Stumped, really stumped.
Appreciate any thoughts any of you have to continue the search for a fix.

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not sure of it's location but the old girl has a "blower motor cut out relay" somewhere, saw the part listed in " rock auto's" site., probably a good place to start looking, another good forum run by an old school dude in north dakota is 'green flag' auto, he IS good

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