How to Clean Windshield Water Stain?


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How to Clean Windshield Water Stain?

I got a 21 years old car with original windshield. Whenever it rains and at night, it is very unclear with water stain on windshield. I cleaned windshield with soap water and Windex to wipe it after. Water stain still on windshield. Is there any product or tips that I can clean windshield?
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Are you sure it's a water stain? You might try scrubbing a section with some paint thinner or even gas.
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Here's an old hot rodders tip.... go to the hardware/big box store and buy a product called Bar Keepers Friend, it's in a cardboard shaker tube like Comet. Mix it with water to a peanut butter consistancy and put it on your windshield with a rag. Rub it in and it will feel like sandpaper, but don't panic, it isn't scratching your windshield. Scrub till clean and then wash your windshield with Windex, Stoner, whatever. This will remove whatever is on there.

I like to do this and then clean the windshield and put some Rain-X on it. If that fails, Eastwood makes a windshield restorer kit that you use with a drill with some compound.
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1. might be micro craters from pebbles and rocks. turns windshield into moon surface eventually. some routinely replace windshields every so often due to blinding glare into the sun

2. personally, i found that dishwasher detergent works very well.

3. what REALLY cleans glass is mechanical scraping. thin blade that confirms to the curvature works superbly well. i use same ones they use in window tinting shops to perfectly clean glass.
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Thanks to all of your replies! I will try them when I get a chance.
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Try Bon Ami if you can't find BarKeeper's friend. Same kind of stuff.
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I often have staining on my glass that won't polish out with regular cleaners. I've even seen staining on new replacement windshields.

I bought a glass polishing kit from JC Whitney that does the trick. The abrasive is cerium oxide. The kit comes with a polishing wheel that mouints on a drill, but I like to use it by hand with a rag. It does a decent job removing stains. I follow up with a window wax such as RainX to complete the job.
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Many manufacturers recommend BonAmi for cleaning windshields

I use it once in a while when the bugs get thick on there - 'hasn't scratched yet'

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