'95 Ford F150 ABS fuse keeps blowing


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'95 Ford F150 ABS fuse keeps blowing

1995 Ford F-150, 2wd, V8, with tow package; no conversion or aftermarket
After getting locked out of shifting from park to reverse and the ABS idiot light flashing 15 times, I discovered the 13th circuit/fuse was blown. I found the wiring harness at the female trailer recepticle are completey frayed, unsheathed, green and broken. So I broke the two connectors that feed this recepticle (behind the rear bumper) but the fuse keeps blowing. This fuse drives the following:
-Anti-lock brakes
-Brake shift interlock
-Electronic engine control
-Speed control
-Stop/hazard lamps
-Stop sense for electronic engine control
1. Could a fuse/relay be bad at the power distribution box that feeds the fuse panel?
2. I checked the 'fuse panel side' of the two aforementioned connectors for shorts/debris/etc. but found nothing. Could the massive wiring issue near the trailer receptacle have fused something shut between these two connectors and the panel?
Thanks for any help in advance.
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have you looked at the pressure switch at the front of the master cylinder?
it is known for leaking brake fluid in to the wiring connector-& causes problems/fires
(the same as the recall)
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I recall a recall...That's were brake activation shuts down speed control. I'll take a look, but I doubt that is the issue. And the reservoir is still full.
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Good call Newtofta! I took a closer look at the passenger side of that switch and realized that a chunk of it was missing. It had partially burnt/melted and was totally fried on the inside. When I went to disconnect the male from the female socket, they both just broke right off in my hand. so I just pulled the wires out of what was left, isolated and insulated and taped them off to the side. I know the dealership will fix the issue due to the recall.
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A recall? Thatís good to know. Can someone post it or post the recall number? One of my friends just had the same fuse blowing problem on a 93 F150. Drove him nuts so he brought it to me. I ended up doing a complete rewiring job and replacing the 7 way 4 way.

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