rough spark plug change


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rough spark plug change

I have an 06 Ford e-250 w/ 4.6L. I've changed the 3 plugs in the rear passengers side which seemed easiest to get to and they were bears to change. I'm going to change the rest later. I'm going to pick up a 3/8 stubby ratchet; I think that will help. Can anyone suggest any other tools which would make this job easier and reduce my stress level? Also, would a spark plug wire puller help to remove the coil packs from the plugs? One of the coil packs separated from the boot that goes to the plug. When I ran it later it seemed ok though.

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As part of a basic tool kit I think there should be a good assortment of extentions.
And a couple of universals.
Cant go wrong with them. Even if they dont get you out of this one sooner or later you will need them.
Be carefull not to break the plug threads off in the head.
Be slow and think about it. Lets see, the plug socket,,,, now an inch wobble extention,,,,now a 6 inch extenion thru the fender well,,,,,,,
Thats just an example
I give the wire puller a thumbs up. But I dont think that broken boot will be in service long.
That the way I build up my tools. On a need basis.
Doing the job myself savings more then pays off the tools I get. And I keep the tools for the next job.
A swivel handle 38 drive is a must also
Good luck with it and please dont break the threads off in the head
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My chevy s10 was a bear to change. What I know that the dealers do is go through the wheel wells. You will find it should be much easier. To change the oil filter on my kia family truckster you have to go through the wheel well. The cross member is in the way and there is absolutly no way to get to it. The way I figured it out is they left finger prints on the well while I was looking around and trying to figure how the heck the changed it.

My buddys f450 needs the cab to be lifted by the dealer for any major work. 2 yrs old and had injectors go bad already.

Let us know if this helps.

Mike NJ

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