1996 Breeze blower fan prob


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1996 Breeze blower fan prob

Daughters blower fan works only on high,Could some one tell me where (not sure of the name think its called relay) the relay that controls the 3 speeds for fan is located? And could this be the problem?
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Blower resistor which is in between controls and fan motor. Normally the easiest is to follow the wires from under dash that come out of blower motor. I believe on the breeze there is what they call an underpad cover (black) on passenger side, with pull out clips near where your feet would be, and blower motor is behind it. Just follow wires from blower motor back to resistor block where it connects. Normally when resistor goes, you get high speed only.
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To add to last post, it burns out a thermal fuse on the resistor.
Check the fan motor for shorting out or the new resistor will go south also

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