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Gm lan

Hi, I have 2007 Chevy Silverado 2500HD, new body style, NO OnStar, just a basic model, and I'm going to install a new SONY stereo. I bought also a SCOSCHE Interface Kit GM3000F. Could somebody explain to me what is the function of the Interface Kit? Does it provide only warning chimes (as advertised on the package) or does it affect also some important functions tight up to GM LAN? What happen if I do not connect GMLAN to the radio by NOT using the kit?
Thanks, Danigo
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Im not completely sure about GM, but over at Chrysler, All LAN items are "Pass Thru", so breaking the link anywhere along the line will disable all Items on the communication buss....Your guess is as good as mine as to what interfaces with what.....But if you already have the link adapter, I would strongly suggest using it. answer your Q.... Local Area Network.....Almost ALL body functions in the vehicle are handled by a Body Control Module. Information is sent back and forth from this module by devices such as turn signals, Heat and A/C, head lamps, Door locks, Power windows.....(Pretty much Everything you can think of) Across The LAN.

If you do not interface the radio, it is possible for communication to be broken, and other devices may fail to function.

The purpose of the adapter, is two-fold....1) It completes the communication line to other Items sharing the LAN, and 2) Identifies the radio as an acceptable device on the buss. Without this Identification, The body controller would see the radio as a "Virus" so to speak, and disable the item before and the item after the radio , in the communication chain.

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