'04 Silverado With Wheel Noise


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'04 Silverado With Wheel Noise

Hello all, I have a '04 Chevy Silverado with 135,000 miles and over that past week I have started to notice a squealing/screeching noise whenever I am turning my truck left or right. It happens at low speeds but I am sure it does at high speeds as well but by than the noise just gets drowned out by everything else. I am pretty sure I can hear it from the front wheel or wheels , I don't think it is the back. What is weird is if I am turning and I hear that noise and I apply the brakes it completely goes away but by the time I go into another turn it is back again. With that said it makes me think it has something to do with the brakes because of that but I am not totally sure. I had the brakes replaced a little over 2 years ago because of the infamous rear right brake going bad prematurely and I just had them replace all pads at the same time. Has anyone else experienced this or have any idea what could be going on. I also have new ball joints as of a year ago so I doubt it has to do with that.

I appreciate everyone's time in advance, I hope this doesn't sound like something to complicated. Look forward to your replies.

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The screeching is brake pad sensors telling you the brakes need to be replaced.
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find a lift you can put truck on, or jackstand the front, spin the wheel whilst having it turning one way or the other. is it 4x4 by any chance? if it's 4x4, get it on a lift, engage front wheel drive, get it into gear and then spot noise origin.

i have 2000 Silvie, 112 000 miles, never had anything like this. if it's turn relevant, it should not be wear indicators on brake pads. they screatch in any position and when you TOUCH THE BRAKES.

also, if it's 4x4, your halfshaft/-s might be bad. CV joint problems accentuate in turns, as that puts strain on them. say, torn boot?
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Hey Morph, how many miles have you put on in two years? Even my wife knows the noise goes away when you apply the brakes! Pull a front wheel and check the pads. Betcha a wooden nickel the wear indicators are shiny where they have been rubbing the rotors.

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