Honda Pilot front end rattle


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Honda Pilot front end rattle

I have a 2003 Honda Pilot that has an up and down rattle on the drivers side. This rattle is not only driving me crazy but I have taken it to a couple of shops and they cannot find it. Is there anybody out there that has the same problem or may have an answer for me as for what to look for? thanks
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unless you just want to read a bunch of guesswork replies, you seriously need to be more specific on what, when, and how.

what kind of rattle? metal on metal? plastikish? empty tin can? sheet metal rattle? there's all kinds of rattle..
when does it happen? driving on good pavement, on washboard, on potholes, what is it that triggers it?

how does it happen? steering wheel straight, or in turns? vehicle loaded? going down the curb? hitting speed bump? can you feel it in steering wheel?

i'd start with checking door pockets and get EVERYTHING out of there. but i hear you. i had Ranger that had loud metal rattle every time i'd hit a bump or a pothole. i checked everything, and prolly dozen times. sold it and still a mystery. sounded like loose fender flapping. and it's a truck cab on subframe, there was not really much to rattle. or to stay hidden.

modern cars have A LOT of devices hidden inside the front fenders. one of them can go loose and do it. even loose bumper skirt or tire well cover will do it.
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Other question: Driver's side forward or closer in like inside, such as the door panel or dash?

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