2001 Grand Cherokee door unlock fail


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2001 Grand Cherokee door unlock fail

I can't open the back door, it just make a sound but don't unlock.
I need open this door to repair the lock device.
How can I open it? Without electric unlock system.
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I learned after noticing the newer models of my SUV don't have key locks. My electric lock failed but the key still worked. You will need a good body shop or a locksmith to fish down inside and activate the linkage to open the door.

I'll never buy a vehicle w/o a key for at least 1 entry door and the trunk/hatch. Also won't buy one that it takes 2 hrs and massive dis-assembly to replace plugs or oil filters.

Oh..one thing...make sure your battery is fully charged...a little bit of voltage may make the difference.
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I can't open the back door, it just make a sound but don't unlock.
Rear door or "HATCH"????

The rear door, go in from the otherside, and remove or fold up the seat bottom. the panel may then be removed to access the door innards.

The hatch is basically the same, but you will need to climb into the rear of the truck to do it.

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