Blower problem? No A/ no heat. Help, it's cold out!


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Blower problem? No A/ no heat. Help, it's cold out!

confused: In Aug. I bought a 1994 Mustang v6 for my daughter. (Im trying tofix it up before giving it to her) I've been told that the engine looks fantastic & supeni sion is great but it does need some body work & a paint job! When I 1st purchased the car the A/C worked fine, until about a month or so later when it stopped blowing ANY cold air out. Thought the A/C just needed re-charged. Now that its cold out, the blower is still not blowing anything out. The defrost & floor heat work great though. Could it be as simple as a fuse? What else could be the problem?
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She is a relic now, be prepared for some high costs, such as a condenser or an evaporater.
Have the AC serviced by a professional..
Of course, in the DIY sequence of tasks, the fuses (a dime each) should be # one.. Some buy their own diagnostic kit, and dye and do the troubleshooting, this is not cheap, takes years to pay off, if ever.
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Are you saying the blower stopped blowing or that the air coming out is not cold? Is the heat you get at the floor and defrost blowing well or just gravity fed? My impression is that you are describing a bad blower resistor and perhaps have only the low speed fan operating. What you describe sounds alot like what I had in my '98 Ranger and '91 Civic.

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