corroded battery terminals


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corroded battery terminals

What can you put on battery posts to keep them from corroding? I've had to remove the cable & wire brush the positive terminal on my son's battery twice in the last month because of no-start.
By the way, the battery is only a couple of years old and does not need replacing. Thanks!
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I use a corrosion spray that I still have from 10 yrs ago when I was in the Navy. Clean everything, then spray. Works very well.

Old school used to be Vaseline..but growing up, basic grease also worked.

I believe the problem is that the battery vents the vapors right near the clamps which causes the corrosion. Seal the clamps from the vapors..problem (maybe) solved.
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Do as above and I'd get those red and green felt anti-corrision washers that fit under the clamps on the terminals (like $2-3). Sold at auto supply places, walmart, etc... They seem to neutralize whatever acid may come up from around the top of the battery.
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I clean mine with a terminal brush, clean and neutralize with baking soda and water, put down the felt pads, spray with terminal protection spray.
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Best I've found is clean posts and terminals good with a wire brush, coat the posts and terminals liberally w/ antiseize(it's conductive) and reassemble.
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dielectric grease after you cleaned posts/terminals
terminals must be set all the way down on posts, or they will wiggle themselves up on posts
spray over with electrical sealant; i think, that's what guys are referring to. it's purple in color. 2 bucks. good investment. i used to be religious felt washers user, but they still do not work 100%. also, felt washers must be soaked in grease to work. any grease, even butter.
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The corrosion may have followed the battery cable wiring inside the insulation. To check use a razor blade to cut a small slit into the insulation. Use a pick or something similar to pull the insulation back just enough to see the wiring and look for corrosion. If you see some you need to cut the wire back to uncorroded wiring. You may need to replace the cable if you have to cut too much back.

If you dont have the washers spray or apply the terminal protector at the base of the battery post where it meets the plastic case. That is where gases can sometimes get to the terminals.

And also, an overcharged or excessively discharged and recharged battery can give off a lot of corrosive gas that will attack anything near the battery.
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