1996 Chrysler LHS heater problem


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1996 Chrysler LHS heater problem

I have a 96 Chrysler not getting heat I have checked collant level
I found three doors that are working properly there are no kinked hoses the outside temp is accurate the in and out heater hoses are both hot but I got no heat I am thinking it's the heater core any ideas?
I have also installed a new water pump and timming belt I read the shop manual on how to replace the heater core is there a easier way?
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The heater core sounds clogged. Install one of those flush hose fittings. Reverse flush if you can. Look up prestone radiator flush. Its common knowlage.

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No hot air at all? From defrost vents? Not sure if there could be an air bubble in your cooling system? Changing out the heater core is likely a challenge; I'd want to make sure it is the problem and not a defective coolant valve or some other gizmo not working.
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If both the In and Out are hot it sounds like some liquid is moving through the system but I would still flush and back flush the heater rad and check to ensure that the supply and return hoses have not become too soft after 14 years that could also cause some restrictions. Also, you didn't mention this so when was the last time the entire cooling system was flushed and refilled?

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