My car stereo/tape player keeps making a clicking noise


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My car stereo/tape player keeps making a clicking noise

This morning when I started my car, the tape player in my car radio (1998 Ford F150) is making a clicking noise and it seems to keep quickly shifting back and forth between tape player and radio, like it's trying to start but can't. The little thing inside is spinning like it's playing or trying to play a tape. I haven't played a tape in there in probably over a year, so I have no idea what the hell is going on. But it's making a really annoying clicking noise and I'm unable to listen to my radio while this is going on.

I wish I had a tape to stick in there and see what happens but I don't. Does anyone have any idea what this could be or how I can fix it?
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Welcome to the forums!! Just assure us it isn't an 8 track, OK? It does sound as if the cassette reverse mechanism is trying to work. Just to clear the air.....any kids under 16 years old? Kids like to stick things where they shouldn't, and it may be possible there is a q-tip or some other object stuck against the mechanism. I'd go buy a tape (Merle would do) and stick in there to see if, when you eject it, it stops.
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What's a tape deck? Kidding, I'm old enough I still have a couple LPs lying around

Last car I had with a tape deck tried to keep the one tape I had played in it, had to pop it out with a knife and even then the stereo still showed the light for a tape being inserted. I'd start by getting a flashlight and seeing if there's anything you can determine by looking inside.
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The tape deck in my 95 Crown Vic makes the clicking sound occasionally. I just eject the tape and it works fine after that. I do have a CD player to put in, but I still like the tapes I have and I am pro at procrastiantion. If there is a Goodwill store in your area, you can pick up a tape for a dollar or you might find one at a tag sale.

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