2006 GMC Envoy, using oil and coolant?


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2006 GMC Envoy, using oil and coolant?

Someone I know has a 2006 GMC Envoy, about 80K miles on it, and they have been using 2 qts of oil a week, no visiable leaks, no difference in exhaust color.
they now say they are losing coolant also and no visable leak there either.
So what are the possible causes that can make you lose oil and coolant without a visable leak?

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blow by burn out
bad head gasket
bad intake manifold gasket; this is more towards side mounted manifolds, that one probably is V8 or V6 and has plenum on the top, not intake on the side

2 qrts a week is serious loss. that car needs immediate attention. i DO NOT BELIEVE there is no exhaust color change with that much oil lost. and coolant. it shows itself either on cold or under load. white smoke is coolant leak into cc-s, dark grey is oil leak. black is unburnt gasoline.

2 qrts is 2 qrts. that car has major leak somewhere. i have 5.3L V8 and know what normal for this engine is. 0.5qrt of oil in maybe 3 000 miles.
2qrts of oil will show itself either in coolant, as droplets, or engine block sidewalls leaks, or oil pan leaks. i'd say, buy contrast die and shine black lite under the engine compartment to locate leak origin.
i bet it's engine head gasket.
driving, air flow blows leaks back onto undercarriage. but if it's external leak, it should drip down either overnight.
if it's internal leak, via head gasket/valve stem seals, then oil/coolant DO GO into cc-s and WILL show in exhaust.

hey, not to forget. loose oil pan plug. i started using plumbers tape on those for over a year. mine did leak some on that V8.

sorry, keep adding stuff. loose oil filter.
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thanks, i'll pass on the info.


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