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Guy at work had this recommended to him...told him I'd ask around. Anyone used it? Supposed to be good for coolant leaks, radiator holes and even head gaskets.

He got a 95 or 96 Ranger with a head gasket blown. No coolant in oil but low compression on 2 adjacent cyl's and sweet anti-freeze flavored exhaust "smoke". All the classic symptoms...

Looked this stuff up on web...lots of owners forums out there have members that have had varying degrees of success...sealed head gaskets still OK after thousands and thousands of miles.....others had to tear heads off after 1000-1500 miles. Just wondering what folks here may have to say.
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Sounds too good to be true
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It "finds the low pressure area." Must be magic. Wanders around until it finds the leak and then goes to work.
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I look at that stuff like this....
<$20...maybe it works...maybe it doesn't. Every day it works, put $5 in a can for the eventual replacement of the head gasket. If it's still working a year later, take the money and celebrate.

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