1999 Honda CR-V leaking transmission fluid


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1999 Honda CR-V leaking transmission fluid

Our Cr-V is apparently leaking transmission fluid now. We have replaced almost every part of the engine (short of the block) possible and I just ordered a new timing belt and water pump, but our "mechanic" friend is now saying the transmission is leaking. My husband drives the car a lot, uses a small trailer to haul less than 400lbs. at a time, but we live in FL (heat) and he drives a LOT, so we are thingking it's just a buildup in the transmission that could possibly have an easy remedy - flushing and re-filling the fluids? Would we need to replace gaskets or seals?
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I would try and pin point where the leak is coming from. That transmission should have a drain plug for a simple drain and refill vs pan drop on other trannys.
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I agree with trying to pinpoint where the leak is coming from. If its transmission fluid that's leaking, and if it's a leak of any size at all, you should be experiencing (or will soon experience) some shifting issues from the transmission as the fluid level gets low. I've got a '99 CR-V with 166k miles and there is some oil on the bottom of the engine and transmission from a small oil pan leak that I'll be fixing soon. Once enough oil/fluid gets down there it can be tough to tell where it's coming from.
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well, needs further inspection.
is it a AWD model?

points where it can leak are:
driveshaft connections=bad seals=pulling shafts out, replacing seals=1 hr rookie job per side
for AWD, transfer case connection to transmission
dipstick seal, yes, that happens
drain plug, though i doubt, but if yes,=remove the plug, seal with plumber's tape=trannie refill=30 mins job
input shaft seal=trannie removal=many hrs and specialty tools/skill.
AWD - output shaft seal=driveshaft removal=seal replacement=1hr, maybe 1.5 hr job plus refill.

if you want to try fixes,
1. buy can of Transtune from any parts store; pour into transmission and DRIVE ON IT for about 500 miles; it is safe and clears all gum and gunk buildup; drain and refill with Honda ATF (you can now buy Honda spec matching ATF from parts stores, ZF something) plus Lucas transmission treatment. I have used Lucas a lot on my cars, it's potent elixir. mof, i stopped bad oil leaks on son's Eclipse with Lucas stop leak.
I had 91 civic with trannie kicking like old mule, Lucas smoothed it a lot.

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Where did your "mechanic" friend say the transmission was leaking from??

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