Chysler ignition switch


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Chysler ignition switch

I have a 98 chysler sebring, went to start it and the key will not turn in the switch. I wiggled it all around, turned it over and no luck. I only have one chrysler product so no key mix up. Anyone have any ideas,
Thanks for any help.
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You did try turning the steering wheel while trying ti turn the key? Also if you could try shifting gears or holding the shifter at the park position or past while turning the key. You could also try the shifter in neutral as well. All these motions are thinking maybe the neutral safety switch is worn and you will have to find the correct position that will allow the key to turn. You might try moving the parking brake also.
Hope you get it going. Let us know if you do or not.
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Do you have another key? If so and it works fine then the key is worn. Compare the two and see if they are way different in wear areas.

I just started having a similar problem with one double sided key. The little used one works fine in any direction..the often used one must be oriented only one way to be reliable.
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I tried the park selector pushed all the way foward would not budge. Could not get it in netural, moved the steering wheel side to side while trying to turn key, no luck. Tried both keys both directions no luck. Earlier I had shot the key slot with penetrating silicone spray. so I sat there and continually moved the key back and forth, finally it went to the on position I turned it back to off and tried to move to on again and it stuck a couple of more tries. I may have shot more silicone in the key slot then. Put the key back in and it worked after a couple tries, and is working ok now, hope the silicone has what ever was sticking lubed up for awhile.
Thanks for the suggestions

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