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I have Sienna awd. Is it adviceable to change gear to low (D to 4,3,2) when going down a hill specially in snowy road. will it help stabilize traction control?
Any suggestion will be appreciated.
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Yes, when the vehicle is in a lower gear, the motor helps to keep the speed down so you won't have to use as much brake. I don't know if traction control does much going down hill but it sure helps when going back up
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I would not gear down.
I would let the service brakes do the job they were designed to do.
Cant see how traction control would have any thing to do with it?
Did you read that in the autos manual?
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well, if snow is not too high on the shoulder, get pass side wheels somewhat off the beat up path, onto shoulder. you will ALWAYS have better traction there.

as of downgearing on declines. i had Honda CR-V with AWD and have done this many times. as you have automatic, not much traction between transmission and engine to use it as a brake, but it does make difference. what you don't want to do, is to down gear on the slope. a resulting jerk may cause trouble.

AWD is not much of difference going downhill. unless you have push button to forcefully enage it, it will run in front wheel drive only anyway, until front wheels slip under torque. which will not happen going down.

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